Top 7 Cities to Visit

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My recently has been all about traveling. I work and travel at the same time over this past year I have encountered so many new experiences and been on countless adventures that I thought I’d share them with you!


7) Athens, Greece – Culture is so vast here. Visit the Acropolis. Stop by The Temple of Zeus. Shop down the historic road of the Plaka. And most of all…FOOD. When you visit Greece, you must try their feta cheese and their olives. Magnificent!


6) Buenos Aires, Argentina – I’m a little biased because I have Argentinian blood in me, but OHMYGOSH. It’s a gorgeous vibrant city full of beautiful architecture and color – literally. It reminds me of a Spanish version of New York City. Visit the colorful town of La Boca. Experience the historical theatre – Teatro Colon. Shop on Florida Street (Calle Florida). It’s blocks and blocks of shops. Trust me, I tried to find the end of it, I couldn’t. If you’re a meat-lover, Argentina is the place for you. They are famous for their beef. There’s some influence of Italy regarding the food. It’s not the same, but the wine and pizza is delicious! You cannot leave Argentina without trying panqueques, empandas, and dulce de leche. Mostly the dulce de leche. It’s like nothing you have ever tasted! I will bring it back home and make crepes and slather this delicious condiment onto it.


5) Puntarenas, Costa Rica – Known for their coffee, rain forests, beaches, and their ziplining tours. I can attest to the coffee. Probably the best coffee I have tasted in the entire world. I have a friend who disagrees. Because this person is from Colombia, she swears (and she will fight you on this) that Colombia has the best coffee. I have yet to travel to Colombia, but when I do, you bet I’ll be tasting that coffee and judging for myself! The rain forests are amazing. I visited a botanical garden that inhabited so many beautiful creatures.


 4) Barcelona, Spain – So much culture in this city! I only went there a few times and it was not enough. Some of my highlights were the Gothic Quarter and most definitely Monserrat. The monastery up high on the mountains was so breathtaking! Places still on my list are Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.  

3) Naples, Italy – The best pizza you will ever try. I am not kidding! It has to be something in the water, because I’ve never tasted pizza like this in my entire life. The dough, the tomato sauce, the cheese – to die for! If you’re going to go to Naples, you have to try that. Above all they have this specialty called buffalo mozzarella. It’s creamier than your usual mozzarella. It’s from the milk of buffalos (of course). And it tastes the best in Naples. One of my coworkers was from Naples, and he said that they ship buffalo mozzarella to New York, but it doesn’t taste the same. This magical cheese equates the atmosphere, the weather, and the environment into the perfect cheese. You must try it! Besides delicious food, you have to visit Pompeii, the Isle of Capri, and the town of Sorrento. Naples is truly a magical city, and so underrated!  

 2) Florence, Italy – This place has a special place in my heart. I visited this place with a friend of mine and could never forget it. I got my favorite pair of leather boots there. You can also visit the Duomo, go to the museum and see Michaelangelo, and visit Ponte Vecchio.

1) Venice, Italy – I have so many amazing memories here. Starting with the ever so beautiful bookstore (Libreria L’acqua) to Teatro La Fenice to Murano Island. It was the grandest experience I ever had. I can’t wait to back.

Which places have you visited in this list? Which places that aren’t in this list would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Traveling!