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The colosseum has to be the most famous place to visit in Rome. In Ancient Rome, it would be used as entertainment. Crowds and crowds of people would watch men kill each other brutally. One other use was for the production of theatre pieces based on classical mythology. It's a humongous space so if you don't get a chance to see all of it, don't worry! It takes up a lot of times to really scour through the whole building. Movies that showed this ancient ruin were: When in Rome, To Rome With Love, and Roman Holiday.

Trevi Fountain

The crowd in this picture is pretty accurate. Depending on the time of the year, you will see tons of crowds at all of the popular sites. When I went, the were doing renovations in the place. However now, it's all back to normal. A beautiful place dedicated to beautiful Roman gods and goddesses. Movies that showed this incredible structure include Three Coins in a Fountain and Roman Holiday. Don't forget to face the back of the fountain, make a wish, and throw a coin over your shoulder!

I hope your wish comes true!

St. Peter's Basilica

The beautiful Vatican City. Even the quad is something to marvel at! If you want to get inside, plan to be in line for a very very very long time. Probably a few hours. The line can be super long. But I promise you, it is so worth it!! Movies that included this incredible building include: The Godfather Part III and Eurotrip.


It's a small beautiful building in the round. It has religious artifacts. I believe you can get in for free. It will be quite crowded I will warn you. It is very compact. Some movies showing this site include Angels & Demons, Ocean's Twelve, When in Rome, and Roman Holiday.

The Roman Forum

These ruins are beautiful. A definite MUST when you're in Rome. So much history, and so many beautiful sculptures. The only movie I know of that showed these incredible ruins was When in Rome.

Villa Borghese Gardens

I actually haven't been here before, but it looks so pretty!! It's nickname "the park of museums" because there are several museums on the lot. These garden grounds also have an amphitheater (Piazza di Siena) as well as an arch from the 18th century (arco di Settimio Severo). The movie that showed this grandiose park is To Rome With Love.

Spanish Steps

These steps and the fountain are featured in many movies including Roman Holiday, The Talented Mr. Ripley, When in Rome, To Rome With Love, and Eat Pray Love. Surprisingly enough, there a bunch of people crowding the steps day in and day out when you visit it. 😆

Piazza Navona

I love this Piazza so much! It's so quaint, and there are awesome restaurants bordering the center of it. In the middle, there are usually venders tenting up to sell paintings or other goods. I bought one of my favorite paintings from there. And they aren't prints! They're originals!! Movies that show this adorable center include Eat Pray Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Angels & Demons, and To Love with Rome.

Campo de'Fioro Food Market

I'm told this place is a must it's your one stop shop for food, bags/purses, and other touristy souvenirs.